You’ve been in an car accident …now what do you do?

  • Move your car to a safe location, but be careful not to leave the scene.
  • Turn on your vehicle’s hazard lights and use cones, warning triangles or flares for safety.
  • Check to see if anyone is hurt and call 911.
  • Call the police, even if the accident is minor.
  • If you car isn’t drivable, you can request roadside assistance.
  • Exchange information and take photos with your mobile phone.

Reporting the accident
First and foremost report the damage to your insurance company immediately. When you file a physical damage claim, an insurance adjuster will inspect your vehicle and estimate how much it will cost to repair the damage. If you car isn’t safe to drive, the adjuster will look at your car at the location where it has been towed. You don’t have to meet with the adjuster at the tow location unless you chose to.

Repairing the car damage
According to California State Law you can have your vehicle repaired anywhere you wish. Once you have selected the location where your vehicle will be repaired, notify the insurance provider and the repair shop. They will then coordinate your drop off and take care of the rest. If a rental vehicle is needed for the duration of the repair make sure to make those arrangements with you insurance agent prior to dropping off your car at the repair shop. You will then receive a check from the insurance company that takes into account the auto deductible you have chosen for your policy. The repair process begins as soon as the vehicle is dropped off.

Critical Car Care
If you get into a collision, you need someone you can trust to provide you with comprehensive services to restore your vehicle to its original state, or better.

From auto body work and painting to frame and suspension repair, Critical Car Care Centers is your collision restoration expert, providing a full array of authorized services for your vehicle in its hour of need. We have decades of auto body repair experience with state-of-the-art collision repair technology.

INSURANCE CLAIMS: California Law states that no insurance company can require you to get your repairs from a specific shop. Call us to get a FREE COMPUTER ESTIMATE

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